Beavers Equinox Madness

A great weekend yet again spent camped out in the grounds of Belvoir Castle. The sun shone throughout Saturday, but of course it all changed Sunday morning and the rains came.
The club had lots of Athletes/fools in attendance and there were even Beavers seen supporting other teams. We shall not name them but they were welcomed warmly onto the Beaver paddock when they visited.
We had two Beaver teams out a Large team of 6 (Rory GrindeyWendi CarringtonFabio ManuelRob Spashett, Phil Davies and Julie Wilson) and a small team of 4 (Alan HeathershawMaria AnnetteBlake Hutchinsonand myself) our captain Catherine Davies was unfortunately injured in the week and couldn’t take part(get well soon). The club also had an extraordinary turn out of solo athletes, you know the ones, when you feel your doing something stupid these lot make you feel normal again!!! So huge well dones to Claire LouiseNaomi WorrallDavid RogersRuth AllenLouise PayneSophie DaviesMark WilsonAmanda BishopOve AndresenJo Grace and Marc Tremain on their fantastic efforts.
Of course the supporters that turned up cheered us on and brought along goodies to keep us going Grethe, Rox RozLukeLuanGerryLouiseLouise. A special mention for Stephen Hobday who not only came to support, but also spent time accompanying Beavers on some night time laps. Although I should mention he couldn’t catch me!