Boston Triathlon Juniors finished the 2019 season in style on Saturday 14th September. The club travelled to Lincolns Yarborough Leisure Centre for the event hosted by Lincoln Triathlon. It was the adult club members turn to cheer and support as the club fielded an impressive 19 Junior Triathletes Ages 8 to 14 competing in three of the five junior triathlon categories for the event.
The ever popular triathlon took part at the Yarborough Leisure Centre in the city, the swim being held in the 25m indoor pool, bike on a tarmac track and the run on a mixture of grass and tarmac all within the complex grounds.

Tristar Start – Age 8 (50m Swim, 600m Bike, 800m Run)
Hugo Ward (20th M) 00:10:57
Louise Herriott (12th F) 00:14:02

Tristar 1 – Age 9/10 (150m Swim, 2400m Bike, 1200m Run)
Matthew Bush (21st M) 00:19:04
Willow Wheeler (8th F) 00:19:04
Emily Douce (26th F) 00:21:25
Lola Ward (32nd F) 00:23:00
Maisie Presgrave (42nd F) 00:24:59

Tristar 2 – Age 11/12 (200m Swim, 4000m Bike, 1800m Run)
Joseph Douce (35th M) 00:26:44
Finlay Pittam (39th M) 00:27:05
Frank Kenning (58th M) 00:31:18
Alicia Bush (11th F) 00:25:53
Tegan Phillips (15th F) 00:26:18
Jessica Herriott(24th F) 00:27:42
Ella Firth (27th F) 00:27:56

Tristar 3 – Age 13/14 (300m Swim, 6400m Bike, 2400m Run)
Jack Pittam (19th M) 00:33:47
Oliver Aiken (34th M) 00:37:04
Matthew Lewis (41st M) 00:46:56
Anna Satchwell (19th F) 00:38:15
Frankie Owen (24th F) 00:41:56
Grace Kenning (28th F) 00:42:58