The Committee

The Committee


Chairperson - Justin Turner

Justin is responsible for overall management and club strategy. Justin keeps all aspects of the club running smoothly, and working with all of our committee members on all matters of club business.


Vice Chairperson - Ashleigh Young

As Vice Chair, Ashleigh supports Justin with all his responsibilities as Chair. Ashleigh works closely with the Secretary to manage the membership database.


Secretary - Helem Bosomworth

Helen’s responsibilities as secretary include formal correspondence on behalf of the club, preparing committee meeting minutes and agendas and managing the membership database. The Club Secretary will be the first point of contact in the case of a complaint.


Treasurer - Tom Parkin

Tom, our Club Treasurer, manages all financial aspects of the club. As well as collecting all the takings from weekly training and membership, Tom manages the club accounts and provides regular updates to the committee. 


Welfare - Tom Westgate

Tom is the main point of contact for reporting any safeguarding or welfare concerns relating to Castle Tri. Tom’s role is to be an advocate on the committee for the welfare of all club members. This includes promoting the club’s code of conduct, and inclusive behaviour and policies.