Lockdown Swim Strength Training Plan

Lockdown Swim Strength Training Plan

Saturday 8-8.45am starting 21/11/20 and continuing until swimming at the pool restarts. At which point a review of session uptake and effectiveness will inform a decision to continue through the winter.


Progressive sessions tailored towards maintaining and, perhaps, improving swimming specific strength
Each session will be one hour long and take place online via Zoom, using minimal equipment

Each session will incorporate a warm up and cool down, around the main set of exercises,

Main Aims

1. Improving strength and stability around the shoulders and shoulder blades, to help reach through the water and to help reduce shoulder injury risk
2. Enhancing core stability and strength to help maintain a more streamlined position in the water, to reduce excessive rotation and to reduce lower body drift.
3. Improving gluteal activation, for stronger hip extension to aid more effective leg kick
4. And overall encouragement of better body control and postural awareness, leading to greater efficiency in the water.


  1. A device to access the Zoom app.

  2. An exercise mat

  3. A small pillow or head rest.


Please book onto these sessions using ClubSparks. A Zoom link to access the class will be sent from ClubSparks after booking.


£2 per session

Coach / Teacher

Tierney Maud