Lockdown running

Lockdown running plan Week 2

Three runs for this week, should you choose to accept them, in no particular order!

1. Quality session. Aerobic intervals. Chose a route that is reasonably flat or only gently undulating.The canal bank would be perfect. Start with a 10 minute warm up of 2x5 minutes. Easy pace for the first 5 minutes, steady increase in pace for the second 5. Then 5 minutes of dynamic stretches.(straight leg swings, lunges, squats, skipping, sidesteps and grapevines) Then some strides of 5x progressively increasing pace and lengthening stride for 50-100m and walk for 25m between. Then 5-8x600m in HR zone 4 with 50m walk between. Finish with a 5 minute cool down gradually reducing your HR from Zone 4 to Zone 3 to Zone 2. You can set this up in workouts on Garmin Connect as you did last week.

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2. Repeat the steady zone 3 run from last week. In the first mile incorporate some bursts of 50-100m where you lengthen your stride a little. In the second mile do the same with some bursts with a higher knee lift. In the third mile its higher heel lifts. Try to keep your HR in zone 3 whilst doing these drills by keeping it relaxed.

3. For some light relief and fun this week take a run up and down your favourite hill. Sharphaw, Cowling Pinnacle, Farnhill Pinnacle for example. Take a run buddy and be sure to chat all the way round. Aim for a distance of between 5 and 10 kilometres as you prefer. Take some photos and post them fo the club FB page.