Club Duathlon Session, High Shincliffe DH1 2PF.

This session is formally suspended during Covid restrictions; but  Club members can do the session independently, while observing the current Covid 19 guidelines and Regulations and taking care to be appropriately socially distanced:

We're using a short course based on previous route.

Short-Course Run, 2km, map  https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1104173 

Short-Course Bike, 10km, map  https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1104166  

There's a 60 min time-frame for completion within a 72hr period. [Weds noon- Sat noon]

  • Registration is via TeamApp>Schedule/Athletes>(date) - RSVP to REGISTER
  • You need a Garmn/Strava/Other device to record your data
  • Transitions are not counted - you may need to unpack or lock up bike/kit
  • *The Run-Bike-Run  segments should be completed within 60min
  • Data files or Splits should be submitted by 3pm Saturday to coaching@durhamtri.co.uk. Put 'Club Duathlon' in your subject line.

Results will be collated over the following weekend

For Start/Finish of each segment use Betty Bees cafe.

Grid ref 54.754931, -1.543215  ;  w3w  ///speaks.kept.shack 

This session gives athletes the chance to:

  • enjoy a low pressure atmosphere while practising for their race. 
  • practise Transitions. 
  • try out different strategies for a race. 
  •  benchmark their current condition. 
  • perfect for non-swimmers! 

Winter – 3rd Sunday of the month Jan/Feb/Mar/Oct/Nov, sign-on 9:00am -9:30am
Summer – 3rd Thursday of the month May/Jun/Jul/Aug/Sept,  sign-on 6:00pm -6:30pm 

Summer 2020:  Apr 15/18; May 20/23; June 17/20; July 15/18; Aug 19/21; Sept 16-19.

All bike sessions require a crash helmet and red rear light.

Bright clothing is strongly recommended.


Information below refers to pre Covid 19

Registration members for the session is £4 payable with Session Card.

Non-members pay £5.

Distance: 2-mile Run/ 11-mile Bike/ 2-mile Run 

Run-map  Here

Bike-map Here

The course is unmarshalled: like in an event, it is the athlete's responsibility to know the course.

Transition and Sign-on to the session in the short section of closed (old) road beside the post-box as you turn into the village (coming from Durham). 
This session is run on a handicap system with slower athletes starting first and faster athletes starting later. Everyone has an individualised start time based on previous performance here. 
If you haven't done this session previously, we will estimate your overall time based on race/training run and bike times: please come armed with some times/distances from any run races and bike TTs you've done recently. If you haven't done any of these, we'll use your own estimates from your training sessions.  

Sign-on is between 9:00am -9:30am  Winter, Sundays  or 6:00pm-6:30pm Summer, Thursdays.

When sign-on is finished we can create a starting order.  

Registration is on-the-day. Members  pay £4 session fee with their Session Card, non-members pay £5.

Briefing for the session – which athletes are required to attend - is 10 minutes after sign-on closes Winter 09:40am and  Summer 18:40pm, with the first runners starting shortly after that. Briefing will include an outline of the course and pointers about rules and safety.   

Dates 2020:

Winter 2020:  Sunday Jan 19, Feb 16, Mar 15,  Oct 18, Nov 15.

Summer 2020:  Thursday May 21, June 18, July 16, August 20.

Duathlon League:

We run a Summer Duathlon league over the 4 summer sessions, and a Winter Duathlon league over the 5 winter sessions.  Points are awarded [30 for 1st, 29 for 2nd etc] in each session and prizes are awarded at our Christmas party for the first 3 places, men and women, the more sessions you take part in the higher your score. There is also a time-based prize with your best-3 session times in the Series: the athletes with the lowest combined times for any 3 sessions in the series will qualify for this.