Myathlon 2022

What is Myathlon?

It is virtual sprint triathlon where you choose your own course. 

This is an event that celebrates the friendship and togetherness of multisport athletes therefore you are encouraged you do the event with at least one other person so that you can share your journey together.

You can watch an example event from last year here

How do I enter?

Is it a race?

It can be done as fast or as slow as you like. 

Do you have to do it all in one day? 

No - you can do each part whenever you like from August 1st until Sunday August 31st

But you are encouraged to do it all in one day to recreate the true triathlon experience. 

What do I get for taking part? 

Everyone who completes it will get a GTC mug! 

What equipment does it require?

You can complete the course with basic swimming, biking and running equipment. Choose a route that it appropriate for you.

How do I report my results? 

This is how you report your result in your profile