Codes of conduct

Codes of conduct

The club takes its codes of conduct and responsibilities seriously. Here are links to a number of important codes of conduct that can be referred to by athletes, coaches, parents,  helpers and children.

BTF Parents, Children and Carers codes of conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents

Age group code of conduct

Triathlon Scotland Welfare Policy

Coaching guidelines 2017

British Triathlon Safeguarding Policy

UK Anti Doping Rules

Code of ethics

Coaching code of ethics and conduct

British Triathlon competition rules

Our club welfare officer is Jennifer MacPhee.

Member and coach etiquette

Glasgow Triathlon Club encourages good timekeeping by all athletes attending training sessions.

If you are a little late to a session please join in as discretely as possible, while trying to avoid any disruption. Where possible the coach will try to bring the athlete up to speed with the session but it might not always be possible to do this immediately.

We consider it impolite to arrive at a coached session more than half-way through, and in this situation we would encourage you to do your own training session and return afresh for another session.

Many thanks for your consideration with good timekeeping.