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Off Camber Competition

Off Camber have agreed to sponsor our next competition, the Off Camber Challenge.

The competition started on 1st Feb 2021 and runs for 8 weeks.  You can submit as many rides as you like.  I will select your highest scoring rides.

The competition twist was revealed after week 4.  The challenge is now a pursuit race.

Entry Form



If riding outdoors you should start and finish at your home address, to comply with Covid restrictions.

Your route (outdoor or virtual) must be at least 20 km (12.4 Miles).  There is no maximum distance.  

You can ride on a mountain bike, road bike or indoors virtually.  You will be given additional points for each outdoor ride as follows:

  •     6 points for riding on a mountain bike
  •     4 points for a hybrid bike including cyclo-cross and gravel bikes
  •     3 points for riding on a road bike

After each ride you wish to submit, you must enter the following details for the ride in the online form that will be accessible from the Club Spark Tri Club website:

  • Name
  • Type of Ride: MTB, Hybrid, Road, Virtual
  • Average speed  and Elevation gain. These can be entered in either Metric or Imperial units.

I do not require evidence of your ride.  I will only query your ride if you post an average speed or elevation that is unrealistic.



Points will be given as follows: Average speed in KPH + (Elevation gain/100) + additional points. For example an outdoor road bike ride at 22.8 KPH with 820 m of elevation would be:

  • 22.8 + 8.2 + 3 = 34.0



Off Camber have always supported the Tri Club and have offered 3 vouchers of £20, £10 & £5 value to spend in their shop.  The distribution of the prizes will be the top 3 highest scoring points.  Club members who were consulted on the twist prior to 28 Feb 21 are excluded from winning a prize.