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January 2021 Triathlete of the Month

At last TOM can be freed from the clutches of Mr Neish, after a month intense training sessions. 

So who will TOM go to this month.......

January for most of us means New Years resolutions, and putting in plans to start the year with positive intentions. Most of us start out well enough, however, it takes lots of reslience and determination to see a plan completly through to the end. 

One athlete has stood out in Janaury, showing his true spirit and getting out every day to run. Chris Osmond took on a challenge to Run Every Day (RED), through sunshine and showers and the odd day of snow, giving us plenty of pictures along the way. TOM felt like he ran it with you (and i'm sure he wished he was, rather than being with Mark Neish!).

Chris started his journey on New Years day with a frosty 8km run, at a pretty quick pace too... no hang overs there then! Averaging 8km a day, Chris covered 250km (according to Strava records), managed to have 2 quick 5km efforts, one of which under 20 minutes, and finished off with a tasty half marathon. Very impressive Chris and will have set you up for a good season.