Updates on North Dorset Triathlon Club training, races, and events


2023 Training Leaderboards - CLOSED

This Leaderboard is for Training events taking places between 1 Dec 2022 and 31 March 2023.  The latter date may be extended, dependent on popularity.  


The aim of the Training Leaderboards is for members to post selected training events so that:

1.  They can either attempt the same run/ride/swim and see if they can improve on their time.

2.  They can either attempt a different run/ride/swim and see if they can improve on their time over roughly the same distance.

3. They encourage other members to try and match/beat their time for the same run/ride/swim.

4. They encourage other members to try and match/beat their time for a run/ride/swim  over roughly the same distance.

5.  They encourage members to meet up with similar ability member, based on their score, location, gender or age group.  Other club members may want to contact you to arrange a run, ride or swim based on the information you provide.

If you regularly run/ride the same routes, please submit the run/ride, then only submit the same run/ride if you beat the time you have already submitted for that route.  This especially true for Park runs, which have their own activity category.

Race events should not be added to this form. Use the Club Championship form for race events.

Minimum distances are: 3 km Run, 10 km Ride and 200 m Swim.

When you submit your details below, you will be automatically added to a Leaderboard based on the Activity and distance.  Based on the Activity, Distance, Time and Elevation Gain you will be given a Score.  This score indicates the effort you have put in to your training session. Only your top scoring activity in each Leaderboard will be displayed.  You can submit results for as many Leaderboards as you wish.  The scoring system is shown at the bottom of this form.


You can run, Parkrun, Ride, Swim, Zwift ride or Zwift Race

Please select the activity, which will then be used to assign you to the correct leaderboard, dependent on your distance.  

The Swim category is for indoor oroutdoor swims. If swimming outdoors, Swimmers are strongly advised to swim in groups or have a shore based spotter. 


Location is optional. The leaderboard results has limited space to display long locations so if you are doing a cycle route or long run, suggested abbreviations are: BF - Blandford, WIM - Wimborne, SHA - Shaftesbury, BB - Bulbarrow, RP - Red Post.  BF/BB/SHA would then indicate a route that passes by 3 places.

Other club members might want to replicate your route in their own time or meet up and re-run/ride the route.

Effort scoring

Runs: your score will be equal to your average Speed in kmh * 100 + (Elevation/Distance) *10.
Rides: your score will be equal to  your average Speed in kmh * 100 +  (Elevation/Distance)  * 25.
Swims: your score will be equal to  your average Speed in kmh * 1000.

The organiser reserves the right to split or merge leaderboards, dependent on the number of members on each leaderboard. 

Health and Safety

In participating in the Training Leaderboard you agree to:

Abide by current Covid restrictions.

Abide by the highway code either as a cycling or a runner crossing a road. 

Wear a helmet when cycling.  

Inform someone of where you are going and when you plan to return.  

Your personal safety is more important to us than beating your time or that of another club member.

Link to the Online form: 2023 Training Leaderboard Submission Form