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November 2020 Triathlete of the Month

We're now into our traditional off season (spot the difference anyone?), so we should be basking in the glory of our race season and starting to plan for next year, whatever that may bring! Now is the time to be enjoying our chosen form of exercise, whether it be easy runs and rides, short or long, fast or slow, hey, you choose. 

One member has been catching TOM's eye all year though, and has been particularly impressed with November's exercise regime. 

Plenty of local long steady bike rides and walks around our wonderful County, always with a picture along the way to showcase  what you can see from wildlife to stunning views and local landmarks. 

Not many of us our brave enough to go for dip in the sea this time of the year, but this chap can't get enough of it.... even after having a playful tussle with local Sammy the Sea Lion.

Mark Thornton, you are a brave man, and thanks for posting so many wonderful pictures on your travels. Enjoy being our Triathlete of the Month for November.