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The club AGM will be taking place on Friday 25th February 2022 at 19:00. The meeting will take place virtually using Zoom. We are letting you know as far in advance as possible so that you can ensure you have Zoom available. We will provide the Zoom meeting link closer to the time. The Zoom link will be posted in this Facebook group and sent by email to the registered email address we have for you in Clubspark. It is vital that you check in advance that we hold the correct email address for you (see more further down).
We are aiming to keep this meeting as concise and short as possible, however we do need to hold an AGM and encourage as many of you as possible to attend.

These are the Club Officer positions that need to be determined at the AGM:
Chair (currently Alistair Quigley who intends to stand for reappointment)
Secretary (currently Thresa Bishop who intends to stand for reappointment)
Treasurer (currently Helen Talbot who intends to stand for reappointment)
Club Welfare Officer (currently Zoe Brown who intends to stand for reappointment)
Membership Secretary (currently Andrew Downes who intends to stand for reappointment)
Junior Coordinator (currently Mick Gould who intends to stand for reappointment)
Committee Officer positions will be determined by the new Committee after the AGM (as per paragraph 7c of the Constitution).

If you wish to nominate yourself for any one of the above positions, the process this year will be the same as last year and is as follows:

You must select two current members, one to propose you and one to second the proposal. Ask each of those two members to send you an email clearly stating which position they are proposing or seconding you for. You must then forward both those emails onto the Club Secretary to arrive no later than 17:00 16th February 2022 ( The secretary will confirm back to you that the proposer and seconder emails have been received. If you do not receive confirmation back from the secretary, you should assume that your nomination has not been received. It is your responsibility to ensure that your nomination is received.

The proposer and seconder must not email the secretary directly.

You must ensure that the email address you use to forward your nominations (your email address) and the email addresses used by the proposer and the seconder (their email addresses) are the email addresses that we hold for all three in Clubspark, as this is how we will be validating that the nominee, proposer and seconder are all current members.

IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS MESSAGE BY EMAIL ALSO, IT MEANS WE DO NOT HAVE THE CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS FOR YOU AND YOU NEED TO TAKE STEPS TO ADDRESS THIS BEFORE NOMINATING, PROPOSING OR SECONDING MEMBERS FOR CLUB OFFICER POSTS. If you have not done so already (most of you have) you can register on the website and update your details at - if you need any help with this please contact the Membership Secretary, Andrew Downes (, well in advance of the deadline for nominations to be received.

A polite reminder that the parents of junior members (who are not also members of the senior club) are not eligible to vote, propose or second nominations and neither are junior members themselves.

Anyone wishing to propose agenda items for the AGM should send descriptive details of the item to the secretary, at the above email address by 17:00 11th February 2022 to enable time for these to be considered and incorporated into the agenda. Brief questions will also be able to be asked on the night in the AOB section of the agenda.

The Committee looks forward to meeting virtually as many of you as possible on the 25th of February.
Best wishes. Theresa NTC Secretary