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The 2.6 Titan Challenge

This is what you’ve all been waiting for  – the Titan Triathlon 2.6 Challenge!

As group training and events are off-limits at the moment, we want to help you all stay connected and motivated while doing our bit to raise some cash for worthy causes.


What is it all about?

We are challenging you all to complete a “lockdown duathlon” (or a lockdown triathlon for those of you lucky enough to have your own pool!)

We are raising money for two charities – the Children’s Trust and the Triathlon Trust, both of which do fantastic work with children.

We are asking everyone who takes part to make a donation (suggested amount of £10) and to also share the fundraising page with your friends and family.   Please make sure you enter your full name when making your donation.

What do I have to do?

The challenge is to complete a duathlon (run+bike+run) or triathlon (swim+bike+run) incorporating the numbers 2.6 and/or 26. This could be minutes, miles or km, in total or for each discipline.

Please stick to Government guidelines on social distancing and outdoor exercise. You will probably need to complete at least some of the challenge in your house or garden.

Once you have completed the challenge, please post a couple of photos or a short video plus a photo of your Strava/Garmin in the Titans members’ group.

We want the emphasis to be on the fun – so feel free to wear fancy dress, set up your own finishing tape, go to town on your Strava art etc. – the more imaginative, the better. We look forward to seeing your efforts!


You can complete your “lockdown duathlon” (or triathlon) at any time within the next 26 days (i.e. by 31 May).

Will there be prizes?

Of course!

Everyone who makes a donation and completes the 2.6 Challenge will receive a very special Titans medal, and we all like a medal!

There will also be prizes for:

  1. The best costume
  2. The best Strava art
  3. The best finisher’s cake (sadly, we won’t be able to judge the taste so it will all be about appearance).

The Judging Team decision is final.

Special thank you to Susie N for organising this for us all

So Titans, ready, steady, go!