The following are your committee members:


Pete Jones: Chairman


I was reasonably sporty at school but pubs, clubs, snooker halls and later a family put exercise on the back foot. I got back into it in my 40’s, completed a few marathons then needed a challenge for my 50th which began my time in Triathlon some ten years ago. I've completed a few races since where i’ve been at the “taking part” end of the spectrum!
I’ve been on both the main and race committees of TriTeamGlos since joining. It’s been great hosting races and seeing others achieve their goals and also seeing new and helping to facilitate existing members continued development. We have also worked hard to forge links with other clubs and actively support organisations that promote youth sport.

John Holland: Club Captain


I ran my first Half Marathon aged 40. I was cajoled into another. Each time was a little better, and then I got into Marathons. There was a thriving internet rivalry and performances improved over the years. Sub 4 to 3:30 to 3:15. A heck of a lot of work to get sub 3 hours at the age of 48 and I was breaking. So I took time out.
Other folks suggested triathlon. I enjoy cycling, but there was that swimming problem. TTG really helped there. So much so, that I’ve now achieved a couple of Ironman races. For me, it’s not actually about the racing now. It’s the training that is the enjoyment. Yes, there’s still some friendly rivalry, but that’s how performance improvement comes about.

Charlie Barnard: Club Secretary


I had a go at sprint distance triathlons for the first time around 10 years ago. I’ve always loved swimming, would give running a good go but cycling was not my sport! Completing some charity bike rides to have some goals, including London to Paris and London to Berlin the following year helped change this and led me to ride and race with local club Velo Vitesse. After a serious reversal of favoured sport and running now being my new nemesis, I wanted to have another go at triathlon so got in touch with TTG.

I thought joining the club would be a great way to meet new people and gain from the experience of local triathletes - it is! Joining the committee is an extension of this and as new club secretary, I wanted to be part of the team that help keep a great club running.

Rachel Collins: Club Welfare Officer


I joined TTG in 2018 after completing a Swim Improver course that the club offer (since I was pretty much unable to swim at that stage). Prior to that I've been running for around 5 years and before running I'd only ever been involved in horse sport. With the help of the club's amazing swim coaches I can now stay afloat, which enabled me to do my first Olympic distance triathlon in London in 2019. I then joined the committee in 2020. I'm a big believer that you've got to love what you do - and I've found the triathlon community, and importantly the club, to be a brilliantly friendly and welcoming place.

Paul Yeatman: Club Treasurer


Gordon Saunders: Club Social Representative

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Matt Simkins: Club Member Representative

Always been slightly more active than average, although more than a tad limited by ability and hand eye coordination… Swam as a youngster, and swam at the Welsh age group championships a few times in club relays - was never quick enough as an individual - changed in a cubicle next to Adrian Moorhouse which probably ages me quite a bit…


Rugby also a key activity growing up, got to the last round of U16 county trials, again, always falling a bit short on ability. Swimming 6 times a week allowed me to develop a decent engine so Wales Schools Cross Country championships finished 70 something. Sporting interests, led me into a life of college sports courses, 3 years in Southampton Uni and 6 months lifeguarding at the Tropicana in Weston Super Mare was an education in its own way.  


Became gainfully employed at the Country Club in the Cotswolds very own ski resort village, eventually becoming chief towel and key hander outerer, followed by a few years as Technical Duty Manager at Dursley Pool, looking after the building and making sure the water was blue. Moved into the main office working 9-5 managing a team of 20 - hated every day apart from the bike commute over Edge/Painswick every day for 3 years. An opportunity came up and I’m now self employed along with my step son as an aquatic lumberjack primarily on the Canal & River network, covering all of the River Severn, Kennet & Avon, Glos & Sharpness, Monmouthshire & Brecon canals, as well as the odd bit clearing streams and waterways for Gloucester City.


Started Triathlon around 4 years ago after taking over a place at Cotswold End of Season Tri at last minute, loved every bit of it and haven’t looked back. Ticked off the Ironman box at Tenby, the run from the sea to T1 is something I’ll never forget. Current focus is trying to get better at being a bit quicker over standard and sprint distances, which means actually going out for a run more than once a fortnight.


Never been interested in committee stuff before, but felt that after the help and advice offered to me when I was training for Tenby, it was time to give a little back.

Katie Weeks: Vice Chair 

I am a relatively new member to the TTG Committee but very excited to be joining a superb club!

Always been a sports nut and have captained both hockey, netball and swim teams. Also been social secretary for a university ski club and competed up to Novice eventing. 

Started taking part in triathlons in 2012 and haven't looked back. Ready to become more involved in the sport and encourage many more fellow sportsmen to become TTG members.