Guide to signing up

Guide to signing up

Using the Clubspark website

General guidance

In order to process renewals through this new system this year, it will be necessary to sign up for an account, which is very quick and easy to do. The website is functional both from a mobile device, as well as via a laptop or tablet.

Setting up an account

If you are a current member, you will receive an invitation to renew from the website, to the email address we have on file for you. The email will appear as per the screenshot above. The link will enable you to set up an account.

If you do not receive this invitation email, you can also easily renew by going directly to the website and setting up an account from there: and click “register”.

If you hold a BTF account already, please follow the specific guidance below to log in.

Logging in using your BTF account

If you already have a BTF account, you can use this to access your members area on the club website.

If you are using a BTF account, please follow the guidance below to log in:

On arriving at the “sign in” screen on the website, please click on the blue rectangle which says “British Triathlon”.

This will take you to a BTF specific log in screen, and when you log in here with your BTF username and password, you will be sent back to the TTG website area.

The same applies when using a mobile device.

Renewing your membership/ joining

Your membership

Senior 2021-2022 Renewal/ New Member

You will note that Senior 2021-2022 is available for you to process your renewal by following the “Renew Now” link (or Join now,  for new members).

Renewal becomes due on 31st May 2021 (with membership running for 12 months thereafter).

The pay now link will take you through to Stripe to make payment via card.

Managing your personal details

Within your newly set up account you will be able to confirm some details.

Once set up, you can access these details whenever needed, from “Your Account” in the top right hand corner.

Your details

Please use to update any changes in contact details. In particular, please check the “Next of Kin” details are accurate, to ensure we have a contact in case of an emergency.

Your Bookings and Courses

This is not a functionality we are currently using within the website – but this may be something we start to use at a later date.