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December 2020 Triathlete of the Month

So, we can finally say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to a renewed hope for 2021. 

TOM has been watching carefully over the past month and has been intrigued with this thing called Christmas....and the things people do over the festive period for fun!

TOM has been impressed with the 5k Handicap competition and seeing many of you achieving PB's, getting out when you wouldn't normally, and simply just getting involved, so well done to all that took part. 

This month though, one member has stood out for their activities on Strava pages, with additional commentary from fellow triathletes to provide an alternative view on their training!! 

  • Plenty of walks going on - to replenish the pies!
  • Early morning sea swims with polar bears and penguins under the moonlight - just to avoid the masses at the warm indoor pool! 
  • Choosing to ride on black ice, just to make things more interesting
  • Running straight off the bike and remembering how much fun it is

Well Mark Neish, this month you are Triathlete of the Month. Well done fella, keep up the good work for 2021.