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Triathlete of the month - August 2020

TOM has observed the return of socially distanced racing and is amazed by how well organised the events have been as well as how impressed he is with our wonderful triathletes.

This month was a tough one with 3 members returning to racing a standard triathlon over at the New Forest. All 3 (Mark Green, Jon Mead & Iain Binsley) on paper were very similar in ability, so a close race was on the cards.

The swim starting individuals off 15 seconds apart, meant no head to head racing, and a true triathlon time trial. Inspired by having to chase down Mark and keep Iain at bay, it was Jon who emerged victorious with a splendid display in all 3 disciplines.

So this month, TOM goes to Jon. A well deserved accolade for all your hard work in training and ability to flick that race switch on... now time to rest?