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Different Times Call for Different Approaches to Keep You Learning and Improve Your Swimming

Over February and March Tracy has run a 6 week swim technique course with club members. For those who attended it provided a great opportunity to learn and understand about the stroke mechanics and strengthen the right muscles required to perform different aspects of the stroke in preparation for returning to the water. 

The article below goes into more detail about ‘the ‘what’, ‘why’ & ‘how’ the course delivers a purposeful coaching session and more from the virtual world. Even though this course was initially designed to prepare swimmers for returning to the water out of a very long lockdown; this training idea has actually proven to be a fantastic way to compliment water training and should be encouraged if you want to learn to swim faster and pool/sea time is limited to you. 


The course is still running and can be joined weekly from  http://bit.ly/Gymcatch , a consumer fitness platform. 



Thanks Tracy for an awesome 6weeks of training. X

Thanks Tracy - the weeks flew by!  Hopefully I’ll remember some of it - definitely managed to think about components of the stroke rather than just thrashing up and down the pool!  I am hoping my ‘push’ may help me go a bit faster now I understand what position my hand should be in (I think!).  Thank you very much for all your efforts - very much appreciated. I enjoyed it too and it was great having a Saturday plan during this time (looking forward to a Saturday lie in next week too though!) 

I have really enjoyed the sessions and had no idea how much I would be able to learn from a virtual session. Thank you Tracy! 

Thank you for this course! It was really enjoyable and I feel I have learned lots of swim techniques. Looking forward to trying them when the pool opens. I have found the warm up exercises help with my shoulders! I am looking forward to a lay in next Saturday. hope to see you soon Tracy!!