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Chairman's Blog - Christmas Sprit - 3rd December 2020

Hi All,

It is December already, which has surprised me, nearing the end of what seemed to be the longest year ever there is a realisation that parts of it were nice and enjoyable.  Being able to spend more time at home was both challenging and a blessing. I found that being blessed with a summer that was long, warm and sunny was a massive help.  I also found that returning to some of the club activities was an important part of keeping me well (both physically and mentally). So, a big thank you to you all for your help to get me though this year.

As we exit lock down two’ we can start to optimistically look forward to what can only be described as a ‘2020 Christmas’ with the hope that 2021 will create a new normal that will be better for us all. We can hope that businesses, which have been affected by this will grow again and that perspective can be reassigned to life’s priorities.   

This year has been a challenge for the club, but we have moved forward at a pace, and through the great work of all the volunteer members have been able to embrace technology to make the planning, delivery and taking part in activities much easier.  

We have some great foundations to build on, and 2021 does looks very bright. I’m looking forward to the return of more club sessions, the relaunch of the juniors and more social and training events. 

So, until then, good luck with your Christmas preparations and celebrations and I hope we can all get together next year to celebrate the achievements and personal goals that you all reach. 

Have a safe and Merry Christmas

Chris Petersen

Club Chairman