The club is fortunate to be supported by the following coaches on a voluntary basis:


  • Sean Murphy (Lead Tristars / Youth Coach) - British Triathlon L2/ L2 Diploma, Scottish Cycling L2 
  • Claire Murphy - British Triathlon L2/L2 Diploma, Scottish Swimming L2
  • David Horne - British Triathlon L2, Scottish Athletics L1
  • Dennis Chalmers - British Triathlon L1
  • Keith Paterson - British Triathlon L1
  • Lisa Wallace  - British Triathlon L1
  • Scott Gray - British Triathlon L1
  • Corey Duff - British Triathlon L1
  • Lauren Duncan - Scottish Swimming L1, HND in Sports Coaching and Development
  • Neil Arthur - Scottish Swimming L2
  • Catriona Arthur - Scottish Swimming L2
  • Sandra Stewart - Triathlon Leader
  • Amy Moran - Triathlon Leader
  • Mikey Morrison - Triathlon Leader
  • Moray Park - Triathlon Leader
  • Harris Callander - Triathlon Leader
  • Steph Callander - Triathlon Leader

Coaching Support

  • Ella Chalmers (Young Activator) - providing swim coaching support

If you are interested in getting involved in coaching with the club, either adults or Tristars, or if you would like volunteer as a parent / helper contact us here