Club Events

We are happy to announce a new event series organised by TrYthan

The format is a short course swim-run for youths (ages 8-16) and beginner / novice adults looking to experience an Aquathlon (pool-based swim) in a safe and relaxed environment.

The event is self-timed with the focus on progression through the series.


Tristarts (8 & under) - 50m swim - run 0.5km

Tristars 1 (9-10yrs) - 150m swim - run 1km

Tristars 2 (11-12yrs) - 250m swim - run 1.5km

Tristars 3 (13-14yrs) - 300m swim - run 2km

Youths & Adults (17+) - 400m swim - run 3km

Sign up here:

Please note the course map is labelled 2022, but is the same course for 2023.