Adult Membership

Adult Membership

Our Adult membership includes: 

  • Single Adult Membership - £35.00 - Full adult membership allowing member full club benefits.
  • Family Adult Membership - £20.00 - Additional adult membership for spouse/civil partner of nominated Single Adult member, or parent/guardian of Single Junior member, allowing Family Adult member full club benefits.

We then have 2 simple Adult fee payment options; GOLD and Pay Per Session:

  • GOLD members pay a standing order of £38 per month, which allows access to all coached sessions (a cap on swimming sessions per week may be imposed during exceptionally busy times).
  • Pay per Session members pay fees for each session – £7.00 per coached session at a venue and £4.00 per coached session that doesn’t require venue hire. All non-coached sessions are free.

Sounds good, why not join now or take advantage of a three week free trial!