Bike sessions

Bike sessions

Our rides are social rides from different venues and route throughout the year. Please follow us on facebook for the details of the weekly ride.



The group will be split into 2 groups: the quicker group leaving first and should average speeds from 17mph+ with the second group acting as a sweeper group on the same route averaging a minimum of circa 14 - 16mph  or as the slowest rider.

Routes vary between 20 to 40 miles depending on ability and conditions. 

Beginner sessions: 1st week of each month; deatils on the group facebook page. 


8:00 for a 8:15 leave in summer (day light saving time) 

9:00 for a 9:15 leave in winter



Some of these rides will be social rides and others training specific i.e. hill repeats or a Time Trial. We also have a coached block within the year which members can use to develop the average speeds regardless of ability and are useful to move you up to the 14mph or 17mph groups or general imporovement. 



Please ensure you have read these and are familar with the procedures.

Cycling Etiquette 

Emergency Access Plan (EAP)

Risk Assesment