Rogues Gallery

Gina Graham (Club Chair)

I joinedGina Andover triathlon in 2007 when I decided I needed a new challenge. I knew very little about triathlon and in fact when I entered my first race I didn’t even have a bike and so had to borrow one- just in case I didn’t like it! But I was hooked. The coaches have been great in making me believe in myself and to my astonishment I qualified for GB age group standard distance . I’m training to try and qualify again this year – my point being if I can do it anyone can. I’m not special so get started and get involved and along the way you’ll meet some great like minded and fun loving people!


Anthony Putt (Secretary)

AnthonyWith trepidation I joined an Andover Tri swim in 2009.  Almost 10 years later the entire clan, including wife Sheela and my 3 children Hari , Sam  and Molly have become members and big fans of all things swimming, biking and running.  3 things I love about ATC – a great way to make new friends beyond my natural social bubble, the opportunity for disciplined fitness in a sociable environment and a great way to share the joy of sport with my kids. 


Jeremy Burgess (Social)

JeremyAfter many years of endurance running, Jeremy decided to get into triathlon to make his training and events a bit more interesting. He now concentrates on the sprint distance, and cycling sportives. Jeremy says “The Club is great in that it is full of positive people spurring each other on to do better. It’s also much more rewarding to train with other people rather than doing it solo all the time. The Club’s coaches will also help you improve your performance (if you listen to them), and are very patient with new members. It’s a great club, which welcomes triathletes of all abilities.”


Rob Savill (Welfare)