Club Training Sessions

Club Training Sessions

These are just some of the club training sessions that we run are detailed below. If you would like any further information pelase contact the Club Secretary



Braintree Swimming Centre

8:45 pm - 9:45 pm

This is an all ability session where we have BTF qualified coaches leading each lane through a series of drills and sets.

Member cost: £5



7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Delivered by one of our Club coaches, a progressive warm up will lead to some technique work and then an interval based session.
The sessions vary from short hard efforts to longer steadier efforts, but more importantly they are done at your own pace and not that of the group.

During the Summer months the location of this alternates between Great Notley Park  and the Rayne Booking Hall Cafe for our famous Brick sessions (Run - Bike - Run, Run-Bike or Bike-Run). Don't worry though, if that all seems too much, the coach will tailor the session to your needs either shortening the run length or choose just to run or cycle if you so wish. These sessions give you a good grounding in the transitioning from the Bike to the Run and coaches will sometimes host specific transition training prior to the Brick session.

Throughout the Autumn/Winter period where there is less light, the club will rotate usage of the Tabor Athletics track and Great Notley Green (near Prince Louis pub.)



8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Throughout the colder months, these sessions will run in an alternating pattern with the Wednesday run sessions and will be Zwift based. This will require you to have a bike set up on a turbo trainer with appropriate ANT+ connectivity to your mobile device (laptop, tablet, phone etc..) in order for you to participate with all other riders.



This is a quality swim session with a limit of four places and more intense coaching.
Two of our BTF qualified coaches will help you improve technique in dedicated lanes.
The session starts at 8.00 p.m. for an hour and if you have fins, swim float, kick board or paddles please bring them along with you.

Member cost: £5



Rayne Station Cafe

9:00 am - 11:30 am

Meeting for a 9.00 a.m. departure at the front of Rayne station cafe, unless otherwise advertised on our members Facebook page.

We have our free of charge led bike groups which, like all our sessions, are ideal for all abilities as we generally have two groups of varying distance and or pace. Generally rides are advertised on the members Facebook page and there is usually a short and longer ride option. If you're apprehensive about cycling on your own, these sessions are perfect for learning to ride as a group and getting to know your club members also. Most importantly, nobody gets left behind!

Please review our Club Ride Policy before participating in any rides.



A simple session Either up and down the flitch or across to the discovery centre.

The group usually splits into a few smaller groups so you run at your own intensity and not that of the fastest – thankfully!

This session is not running currently - as the weather improves we will start re-introducing these. Keep an eye out on the members Facebook page.



Various Locations - Ask for more details

No matter what the weather is doing, we aim to get on our Bikes.  Snow, Ice or heavy rain and we may just ditch the road bikes for the Mountain bikes with a blast around some off road routes.

Hadleigh, Thetford and other venues are also used.  A ride on heavy, fat tyre bikes is better than no ride at all. Keep an eye out on the members Facebook page.

Please review our Club Ride Policy before participating in any rides.