Big Bobble Hat Bishopbriggs Triathlon Sunday 23 April 2023

Big Bobble Hat Bishopbriggs Triathlon Sunday 23 April 2023

update - 26/4/23

Thank you for your patience whilst the issues with race results were being investigated.

The problem arose due to a technical failure of a timing mat at the finish line. There was a backup system in place but due to human error this did not capture the timings of some of the competitors. We apologize for this inconvenience. The timing company takes full responsibility for the problem.

The results have been updated with all the missing finish times that were possible to recover.

If you are still missing a finish time or you feel your result does not reflect the timing you have recorded, could you contact with and they will investigate.

We hope to announce a final set of results once this last check has been completed.

In future, we will work with the timing company to ensure this can not happen again. And we apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused competitors.

if you have any specific questions or issues about the event then please contact or

update 24/4/23

Please note - this update only affects results in the sprint race.

After the sprint race a few competitors contacted us enquiring about missing timings. We immediately asked the timing company to investigate.

To aid the company's investigation - If you do not appear in their result timing page could you contact them directly using

Please supply them with your name and race number plus any supporting data such as 'garmin' watch times, competitors who finished before and after you etc.

Glasgow Triathlon Club appreciates that anyone affected by this will be disappointed. It is not the race experience we wanted to provide and we hope it does not spoil what was otherwise a great day.

We will work with competitors and the timing company to finalize results and award prizes as quickly as possible.

There will be an update sent out to competitors once the investigation is complete.


Race results (for all distances) are available here -

The Race Briefing is now available Big Bobble Hats Bishopbriggs Triathlon 2023 Race Briefing 2023.pdf

You can find your swim heat times here: 
(pdf version)
(excel version)

The Big Bobble Hats Bishopbriggs Triathlon will be held on Sunday April the 23th at the Bishopbriggs Leisuredrome with a pool swim, a closed-roads bike course, and a canal path run.  The event is ideal for new triathletes as well as seasoned competitors.

Event Swim (pool) Bike (closed roads) Run (canal path)
Sprint Triathlon 750m 20km 5km
Novice Triathlon 400m 10km 3km
Youth Triathlon (15/16 yr) 400m 10km 3km
Tristar 3 Triathlon (13/14 yr) 300m 5km 2km
Tristar 2 Triathlon (11/12 yr) 200m 5km 2km


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2023 Overview Video

2023 Race Briefing

it can be viewed here Big Bobble Hats Bishopbriggs Triathlon 2023 Race Briefing 2023.pdf

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