Youth Section

Triathlon fun and fitness for junior athletes

The aim of GTC junior section is to offer triathlon training and racing in a fun, friendly and inspiring way.

If you are seven, or older,  and you enjoy sport, triathlon is a great way to meet new friends and take part in GTC’s junior training programme. (Parents of athletes who have not yet turned eight are asked to be present during their child’s training sessions.)

The club caters for young athletes with a range of different exercise goals, from those who enjoy the social aspects of training in a group with friends to those who are more performance focused and wish to compete at local, regional and national level. 

Please email for more details about how to join the club.

Prior to attending club swim sessions children will be invited to attend an informal swim assessment with one of our friendly coaches. Children must be able to swim 25m front crawl without breaks with face in the water, breathing to the side, to participate in our novice coached training sessions.

Junior training sessions

GTC junior training sessions are based on a weekly programme of weekday evening combined swim/run sessions at a variety of Glasgow Life venues. These run in 5 blocks during the year that correspond to the school terms.  In order to ensure continuity these are booked in blocks rather than on a week by week basis. If there is no space in your preferred session than you may have to join a waiting list and wait for a space to become available before being invited to sign u for that session.

There are non-swimming options available for members who feel they are not quite ready to join the swim sessions. In most cases these involve joining the session for the run section of swim/run session. We will also have our regular Saturday afternoon Bike/Run sessions at Bellahouston Park bike track which are very popular.

For 2022 our weekly programme is as follows

1. Monday Bellahouston - Swim/run – 6.30-8.30pm

31 Bellahouston drive, G52 1 HH

Coached swim/run session.

“Development” spaces available for those having attended a swim assessment and felt to need more time before joining standard “Club” sessions.

2. Tuesday Scotstoun  – Swim/Run 6.30-8.30pm

Coached swim/run session combining pool swim followed by a run on the streets close to the sports centre. Development spaces available.

3. Wednesday Bellahouston - bike/run 6.00-7.30

Glasgow club, Bellahouston, 31 Bellahouston drive, G52 1HH

Coached bike/run session, predominately on the bike, durin spring and summer months 

4. Thursday Gorbals  Swim/Run 6-8pm

Glasgow club Gorbals 275 Ballater Street, Glasgow G5 0YP

Coached swim/run session combining pool swim followed by a run round Glasgow Green.

5. Friday Bellahouston  swim only  7-8pm

Coached swim session

6 Saturday Bellahouston Bike/run 2-4pm

Glasgow club Bellahouston, 31 Bellahouston drive, G52 1HH

A coached bike/run session, with transition practice, open to all abilities

How to book & pay

You need to be a member of the club to book our training sessions.  All of our current sessions are booked on our online booking facility.

Essential kit


Swim suit, goggles (plus spare), swim cap for children with long hair (mandatory).


A bike of any sort (providing it is safe and roadworthy) and a bike helmet for the cycle sessions.

Note: You cannot participate in cycling training or races unless you are wearing a helmet that fits correctly.


Running kit for all weathers and a pair of running shoes.

Codes of Conduct

Welfare and transparency are very important to us and we have prepared guidelines to let you know how we operate and what we expect from our members.

Code Of Conduct

GTC costs

Children must be members of the club to be able to participate in regular training sessions.  The first session is free of charge and you do not need to be a member, but if your child wishes to continue training with us we ask that they become members. The membership is £25 annually. Training session costs vary for juniors according to the venue and the length of the session but they are usually £3 to £6 per session. 

Who will look after my child?

Junior training sessions are led by qualified coaches, who have experience working with children and young adults. All coaches have been through the appropriate checks and the club is affiliated to the national governing body, Triathlon Scotland.

My child is new to triathlon

If children have an interest in sport, enjoy running and can ride a bike safely, we can help with the rest. Children wishing to attend novice swim sessions need to be able to swim 50m front crawl, face in water, breathing to the side, and meet more challenging conditions to join regular training sessions.

Events and races

Juniors can take part in various events and races throughout the year and that involves transport and time commitments by parents and helpers. Once you get involved, you’ll find many members support each other to get to training and events.

Do I need to help out?

We encourage parents to get involved and support their children. Many senior members have children in the junior section and a lot of our administration is done by volunteers.  We would welcome any new offers to help with this.

Child welfare

Should you have concerns about the welfare of a child, poor practice or possible abuse, please contact the Club Welfare Officer Fiona Greenhalgh.

If this is not appropriate, contact the Equality and Welfare Officer at triathlonscotland,  Jill McIntyre, or National Development Officer, Callum Reid. You can also contact