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5km Handicap Competition 2020 - Final Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 5km Handicap Competition over November and December. The aim of the competition was to give everyone in the club, regardless of ability, an equal opportunity to compete, while having a bit of fun at the same time. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have 5 minutes to spare please do provide your feedback on the competition so that we can learn and improve: 

Feedback Form


The club has received some fantastic support for the competition from the following local businesses who have provided prizes for the top 10 placed members. 



Well done to everyone who got involved and the final results are shown below. There were some great improvements over the 8 weeks and congratulations to those who made the top ten and have won a prize! 


*Photos will be taken by running free when collecting this prize and shared with the relevant brand and via social media. The recipient of this prize will have the choice of accepting it or swapping it for the next placed prize. This will continue down the prize list until one of the winners accepts. The XMiles nutrition box will remain as a 1st place prize. 


As part of Week 8 it was nice to see the goals some of you have for the year ahead. Whatever your training needs are for 2021, the club will be here to support you. Whether it be through the many sessions we run in person or via virtual training, such as online sessions or challenges.

If you're looking to set yourself a specific challenge this year, completing your first tri, stepping up a distance or to get onto the podium, then why not look at having a plan to help you achieve your goals. The club has some fantastic coaches who have a wealth of advice they can offer to club members. So please don't be afraid to ask and share your goals so that the club can support you the best it can. 

A couple of the coaches also provide 1:1 coaching services outside of the club, which they have provided a short summary on below. 


Iain Binsley

I can offer free generic training plans to help guide you on your way, and later in the year, will be able to provide individual training plans, tailored to your goals or specific race. if you're interested in finding out more, send me a message or chat to me at any of the club sessions.


Tracy Cook Sports Therapy and Coaching

I am currently available to offer a range of bespoke training packages tailored to your triathlon or specific discipline needs, from triathlon specific strength and conditioning sessions to technique development, analysis and workshops. I am also able to offer soft tissue therapy and sports massage services, as well as nutrition & competition advice.

I have a wealth of experience built up over 15 years of physical education teaching, competing as a successful endurance athlete and also through the coaching and development of young athletes. If there is something specific that an individual or a group of you would like help with then just get in touch.

If you are interested in finding out more, then send me a message or chat to me at any of the club sessions. 


Mick Anderson

I am a highly experienced coach with over 16 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. I specialise in coaching beginners, novices and intermediates to achieve their goals. I am a Personal Trainer, Open Water Coach, Swimming Teacher and England Athletics Run Leader. I have competed in many triathlons from Super Sprints to Double Ironman distance events. I am experienced and qualified in Pre and Post Natal return to sport, strength and conditioning, functional training and I am a Master Kettlebells Instructor. I also offer an Event Chaperone service. Get in touch and discuss your needs either by phone on 07777671201 or by e-mail at mick.anderson98@gmail.com.



And that's it! Please do take a moment to leave some feedback if you can. It's really helpful to know what worked and what could be improved in the future, and to determine if you want this to run again in Nov/Dec 2021!


All the best for achieving your goals in 2021! 

North Dorset Tri