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5km Handicap Competition

5km Handicap Competition

Over November and December the club will be running a 5km handicap competition for members. 

Please use the following link to submit your time each week: 

Entry Form - entries have now closed

Feedback Form

Final Results

We really appreciate that a number of local businesses have agreed to support the competition.

running free will be providing a range of prizes for the competition. They are also offering all North Dorset Triathlon Club members a 10% discount on their next order. The discount code has been shared with all members by e-mail.  

XMiles have also kindly agreed to support the competition by providing a couple of prizes. They are also offering all North Dorset Triathlon Club members a 10% discount on their next order. The discount code has been shared by e-mail with all members and can be used at any point up to the 31st January 2021. 

We are also being supported by Hall & Woodhouse, Yellow Bicycle Cafe, and Photography by Sarah who are providing additional prizes for the competition. 


The prizes for the competition are as follows: 

1st Place: running free free bespoke fitting and shoes* AND XMiles nutrition box

2nd Place: running free £50 gift voucher

3rd Place: Hall & Woodhouse £40 voucher

4th Place: running free £25 gift voucher

5th Place: running free £20 gift voucher 

6th Place: XMiles £10 gift voucher

7th Place: Yellow Bicycle Cafe voucher for free drink and cake for two 

8th Place: Yellow Bicycle Cafe voucher for free drink and cake for two 

9th Place: Photography by Sarah 2021 Calendar 

10th Place: Photography by Sarah 2021 Calendar 

*Photos will be taken by running free when collecting this prize and shared with the relevant brand and via social media. The recipient of this prize will have the choice of accepting it or swapping it for the next placed prize. This will continue down the prize list until one of the winners accepts. The XMiles nutrition box will remain as a 1st place prize. 


How it works:


The aim of a handicap competition is to provide everyone in the club, regardless of ability, an equal opportunity to compete. The focus is on improving your time over the period and having a bit of fun in the process. Your first run will set your handicap time (your personal best) and all you need to do is try and improve on your best time each week. No cheating, we want honest runs and improvements. The series will run for 8 weeks, with prizes being awarded to the top three placed members in the league at the start of the new year. 

Week 1 - w/c 09th Nov
Week 2 - w/c 16th Nov
Week 3 - w/c 23rd Nov
Week 4 - w/c 30th Nov
Week 5 - w/c 07th Dec
Week 6 - w/c 14th Dec
Week 7 - w/c 21st Dec - Xmas Fun Week (Extra Bonus Points will be available!)
Week 8 - w/c 28th Dec


The Rules:


  1. You can run any 5km route, but your run should start and finish at approximately the same altitude. The easiest way to achieve this is to start and finish roughly in the same place.  
  2. You can run as many 5kms as you like each week but please only submit one entry for that week.
  3. Each week you will need to submit your run using this form by 23.59 on Sunday. Late entries won't be counted. Your first submission will be used if more than one run is entered. 
  4. Please only submit a time for a 5km route and record any other parts of your route separately (ie your cool down or warm up).
  5. Please make sure you use the same personal details each time you log a run so we can track the results.

Scoring System:


You will be awarded points based on the time you submit each week:

  • 10 points for submitting a time each week.
  • 400 points multiplied by your percentage improvement on your personal best - e.g. a 45 sec improvement on a 30 min time would = ([0.75/30] x 400) = (2.5% x 400) = 10 points.
  • Additional points will be awarded for the 1st (5 points), 2nd (3 points) and 3rd (1 point) largest percentage time improvement each week.

Bonus points will also be available for the following:

  • the photo competition with a different theme each week  - 1st = 10 points; 2nd = 5 points; 3rd = 2.5 points.
  • the most interesting route entered each week - a single 5 point bonus.  


The league table will be updated with the points for the previous week and shared via e-mail every Tuesday.