Welcome to Tri Bramley Baths


Tri Bramley Baths is aimed at encouraging more people in West Yorkshire to participate in the sport of Triathlon.  We are a friendly squad, offering a support network as well as indoor facilities  and a wide range of fitness classes to train in all 3 of the triathlon disciplines

The coaches are seasoned triathletes who are passionate about encouraging people to try their hand at the sport, enjoy it and help them improve whatever their level of ability.

We  will be back  in the pool for Coached sessions in January 2022 on a Tuesday night at 9pm and a Thursday morning at 6:30am. We also offer a Saturday evening session at 5.30pm.

There will still be some on-line sessions such as our S&C Bands workout and Yoga so please check out our training page.

If you have any questions, please email us at tribb@bramleybaths.com or check out our Facebook page.



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