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Tuckers Ton

Tuckers Ton - a fun adventure on a sunny day.

Catering for all abilities inevitably brings a relaxed approach, that was evident, but what some people can achieve whilst 'relaxed' is still impressive...


The event started with the group setting up camp at Tuckers Grave Inn (definitely recommend) and then heading to Vobster for a swim.

Swim: Everyone was free to swim for as long as they wanted and with the sun shining through the water it was slightly hypnotic, such a sheer blue. The distances varied form 1500m to 3000m, maybe even 3750m!

T1: There was then ample time for a cuppa and even a bacon sandwich! This had to be the nicest transition I’ve experienced, so relaxed and such a lovely atmosphere amongst the group.

Bike: We pedaled in the rough direction of Cheddar. The route was beautiful, slightly hilly, but really nice. With the sun out and hardly any wind, we couldn’t have wished for a nicer day. After some climbs and some serious decants we ended up with our lunch break at the foot of Cheddar Gorge.

After lunch was the inevitable: The long climb out of cheddar, up the infamous gorge. It was truly impressive. A picturesque area and, with it being a Friday, not that busy. Having never cycled it before I was a little shocked at just how long the ‘up’ went on for, but we all met up at the top had a breather then carried on until we eventually arrived back at Tuckers Grave Inn.

T2: Another relaxed transition, this time with a little more haste as the idea that cider was at the and provided much needed motivation.

The Run: Again, how far people went was a personal thing. For a couple of us, it wasn’t far. For the main bunch, they went about 14miles. Most impressive.

The finish – Cider and even medals!!!

An absolutely fantastic day that lasted well into the night. A truly great experience that we will most certainly be repeating next year.