Updates from the Chillis


Battle on the Beach

It's a busy weekend with another two memmbers taking part in the Battle on the Beach. 

Martin says "Great experience busting down the beach for 3 miles giving it everything to hit 10mph in the strongest wind I've ridden in 😳"


Course Information:

The 2021 course will be a total of 3 laps (or 2 laps for fun categories), total distance being approximately 45km.
Similar to the previous 3 events, Lap 3 will on a slightly different track after the beach section. This will ensure that the leaders have a clear run to the finish and more relaxed riders have less worry about fast riders approaching.

The lap will have a similar feel to previous years and is comprised of approximately 5km on the beach (all hard sand) 5km singletrack, 5km doubletrack or forest roads. Only 100 metres is in soft sand, on the beach entrance.