Warrington Triathlon Club is proud to have a number of Partners, including:

We're proud to announce our Club Swimming Goggle partnership with THEMAGIC5 custom fitted swim goggles. Just download the app, scan your face and choose your goggles. Ideal for swimmers at all levels – if you're a new or experienced triathlete or race sprint or long distance, or someone who likes to go to the pool occasionally. No matter why you swim and where you swim, your goggles serve the same purpose: To keep water out, be comfortable and provide the best view possible. THEMAGIC5's Optimal Fitting Technology (OFT™) gives you exactly that. Warrington Tri Club members can receive a whopping 35% discount using the code: Warrington35 at check out. 


Zone 3 - We work tirelessly to create market leading kit which allows our customers to achieve their goals and break new barriers. Products that will inspire and enable you to achieve your best and maximise your performance. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just dipping your toe in, we are committed to supporting you on your journey. 

U Perform - The UK's Number 1 Sports Collagen Brand. Passion for sport & exercise is at the very heart of U Perform. Their products are formulated specifically to support you in your performance and recovery. Warrington Tri Club members can get great deals through clicking on the logo link by or by using the 10% discount code: UPJOSW10 at checkout.

Cheshire Cycles are a professional and friendly local company. A firm favourite of Warrington Tri Club members offering new bike builds, bike maintenance, race ready servicing and parts for your road, TT, gravel and Mountain Bikes. All Warrington Tri Members get a 20% discount on labour prices and 10%* discount on parts (*parts discount temporarily paused due to global shortage in parts).