Bayside Tri is an active community and, in addition to our schedule of regular club training sessions, club members frequently organise impromptu swim/bike/run training together, which often comes about via informal posts on our members’ Facebook group.


Examples include:

  • sea, river, lake, lido and pool swimming
  • group rides outdoors
  • turbo sessions on Zwift or other platforms which can be shared through chat/video on Discord or Zoom - great for extra motivation, and a welcome distraction from the task/pain in hand!
  • on and off road training runs
  • parkruns both local and further afield

And there is very often plenty of encouragement flying around to sign up for events together - somehow a race always holds greater appeal when you know friends and club mates are going along too, and before you know it you’ve hit the “register” button...

There’s usually someone up to something asking for or offering company. And if there isn’t, then just be the one to start a post and make a suggestion!