TT Duathlons

TT Duathlons

We are looking forward to offering our members TT Duathlons events during the year; continuing our 10 year celebrations – these are in person as well as in the virtual domain. All will be advertised on our Members Facebook page.

The ‘in person’ events will be £5 to club members (for the special 10 Year Anniversary medal) and informal in nature, presenting the perfect opportunity to practise transitions between run-bike-run in a relaxed non-race environment. These friendly events proved to be great fun in the past and we anticipate more light hearted competition again this year!

The 2024 Members’ Duathlons will be based at No2 Battery East carpark, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport PO12 2QU on the following dates:

Sunday 3rd March - completed by Bayside Members, both in person and virtually!

Sunday 7th April - Deatils TBC

We would love you to come down to see us in action, ask any questions and have a chat about the TT’s, Bayside or triathlon in general - we really are a friendly bunch. Or better still go ahead and join the club, bring your bike and running shoes along and join in the fun.

If you would like to know more, please contact us via the open Facebook - Bayside Tri group and ask away!