Duathlon sessions

Duathlon sessions

Our Duathlon sessions are race-training. Everyone has an individualised start time based on previous duathlons or on their training times. 

We have a Summer Series of Duathlon sessions,  at High Shincliffe May-Aug on the 3rd Thursday of each month; and a Winter Series at the same location on the 3rd Sunday of each month Oct/Nov/Jan/Feb/Mar.

Currently we're using the Short Course: 2km Run/ 10km Bike/ 2km Run,

RUN map: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1399614 

BIKE map: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1104190 

We also have a Longer course with 3km Run/ 18km Bike/ 3km Run. This uses the same general course as above but with a little bit added on.

Registration is via TeamApp, £4 per session