Club podiums and sadness at Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon

A good turn out from GTC members at the Aberfeldy Multi Sport Festival concluded with several podiums. However, there was also very sad news from the Middle Distance Triathlon following an accident that has left one of the competitors in intensive care.

Fund set up up for competitor after accident

The serious accident on the bike section has left Nathan Ford a hospital in Scotland, some 500 miles from his Welsh home. A member of GTC was at the scene and attended to him before emergency services arrived. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Nathan and his family, which has already raised almost £30,000.

Race day for GTC

More than a dozen members from GTC competed solo and in teams at the Middle Distance Triathlon event, which is organised by Still Going Strong Ltd.

The festival also played host to the British Middle Distance Championships, as well as the Scottish Championships.

The overall winner in a time of 4:01:36 was Hugh Brashaw, while the wining female was Lucy Byram  in 4:31:04

Andrew Miller competed solo.

GTC competitors and podiums at Aberfeldy

Solo competitors from GTC included Fiona Greenhaugh, Rosie Haddock (also Project 3) Andrew Miller, James Cavin, Nial Smith, Frank McMillan, Sean Brady, Joe Sommerville, Christina Cox, Michael Burke.

Fiona was delighted to win her 40 to 44 age group in the Scottish Championships and take second place in the British Championships.

Rosie was first in Scottish champs for her age group, the 25 to 29s, and third in the British Champs.

A team comprising three GTC females, Masha Mott, Laurence Boischot and Celia Greig, finished second Female Team.

Kate Pearson was also part of the winning Mixed Relay Team, alongside athletes from outwith GTC.

Another GTC team with Craig Armour, Amy Ritchie and Juliette Linford were second Mixed Team 

Ruaraidh Wells was in the third-placed Male Team, again with another two athletes who are not GTC members 

Celia, Laurence and Masha from GTC.

Race day surprise for Fiona

Fiona said she was surprised and delighted by her age group first place. She finished in 5:21:46 and was 26th female overall.

She said: “In some ways I felt more prepared for this race because I had already done a sprint and standard distance this year so things like transition, which I had no experience of prior to then, weren’t as daunting. However, I was really nervous about whether I’d manage the distances and fuelling correctly. 

  • Fiona won her age category.

“I was pleased with the swim as it’s not my strong point and, after an initial panic, I just kept it steady and tried not to collide with anyone.

“I loved the bike and I warmed up on Schiehallion in the rain then it cleared up and it was a beautiful cycle from there. 

“The run was really tough, especially the first couple of miles… and the last six, so pretty much all of it was really tough!

“I am delighted and surprised with the results and it was really lovely to see lots of GTCers at the event.”

GTC athlete Kate Pearson with team members.

Kate also had a great time being part of a relay. She said: “Although my one job was to swim and I forgot my goggles. Luckily Fiona came to the rescue with a pair.

“The swim was beautiful and calm, the cycle seemed to be very wet and then the sun came out for the run. 

“While the rest of my team were finishing the race, I had the great task of handing out medals at the finish line, which was the best job.

“I got to see everyone from GTC come in which was pretty special. It was a great event and felt like things were finally returning to normal.”