GTC partners with Fantastic Fans

Fanatastic Fans  (FF) is a service  that allows GTC to earn money from a retailer such as Marks and Spencer, SKY TV, or Moonpig  every time a members uses them. It's completly free, it's simple to signup, Its money for nothing, and ....yes it does sound like a scam :) 

It is used by clubs accrss the UK such as Hibernian Football club, Huddersfield Town , Glasgow Rangers and many more. Similar clubs of our size are earning thousands of poinds extra per year through this service. Which would benifit what the club can do each year.

All a member has to do is register you debit or credit card details with FF. Then every time you use retailers like  Amazon, Marks and Spencers etc  FF will automatically know your card has been used and the club will get upto 5% of transacvtion. 

Its simple to setup, it doesn't cost any money to be apart of, and it costs nothing whilst you are a member of it, and once you've set it up you never have to think about it again. 

If you'd like to raise money for the club you can signup here - 

To signup - goto and search for "Glasgow Triathlon Club"

Select the club 

Enter your email address to register



COmplete the signup details

Enter a pin number to secure your account

You will now be registered. You will have to add your card details to start earning the club money. 


Choose card manager and then add card. 

SECURITY NOTE : FF don't take any money from your account and FF don't store your card details after they have linked it. They only use the card details once to create a unique ID which they share with mastercard & visa so they can reward you and your nominated club.