How To Enter

Enter the full race only. You will then be added to the three individual events so that you report your results. 

What is GTCathlon? 

It is a (cumulative) virtual long distance triathlon. 

You have to log:

2.4 miles of swimming

112 miles of biking

26.2 miles of running

When does Konathlon take palce? 

Feb 1st to Feb 29th. You can enter at any time and log times recorded before you entered. 

Do I have to do each event in one go? 

You can do as many swims, bike rides or runs as you like to complete your total. 

What are the prizes?

The fastest male/female and fastest (age adjusted) male/female will win a free month of either running, swimming or biking sessions. If you are not a member you can choose to win free membership. 

The age adjustment will be done using 

Swim -

Bike -

Run -

How do I report my results? 

Goto and sign in

Once you have signed in click on your progile pic in the top righ hand corner

Click on Cumulative and you will see you can log results for the swim, bike and run legs

Click on log results. You don't have to enter a "link from activity application" you can just enter the time, distance and date.

Once you have entered it you can amend or add more at any time until you have reached the distance limit.