Club Championships

Club Championships

Throughout the year we hold a number of club championships which add a little bit of competition and fun to the season - here is a brief overview

Triathlon championship

We have a number of races throughout the year; usually 9 races which we nominate as championship races and these will be varied to ensure there is a nice balance to meet everyone’s needs from Sprint to Middle distance.  The 9 races are made up of 3 of each distance (Sprint, Olympic, Middle).  You don’t have to enter these but we encourage members to get involved and do some of them.  For each race you enter, you score points based on your position compared to other club members taking part.  The 1st person scores 750 points and this decreases by 5% for each subsequent position.  Across the season we take your 3 best results to give you a total score for the season - and the highest point scorer is the Club Champion.   We have also added Age Groups into the scoring so you are just competing against members in your own age group.

Duathlon Championship

This works in the same way as the triathlon championship but we only hold 3 races and take your best 2 scores

Long distance championship

For anyone racing long distance, which is any Iron distance race, we have a male and female champion and this based on your performance in that race against the age group winner of that race.

Cross country championship

We nominate one trail race a year - usually the Ridgeway race at Tring  - as the club Cross country race; and this is simply first past the post is the winner for the male and female races.

Intra club relay championships

We enter a number of teams to the national relay championships at Nottingham each year and anyone can enter.  The coaches will select teams to make them as balanced as possible and we usually end up with 6 or 7 teams.  It’s a fantastic day out and the fast team are crowned champions for that year.