Senior Club Kit

Senior Club Kit

Senior club kit is managed by Lee Harper  - Kit Manager.  There are two types of kit that are available for NTC Members :

  1. General branded clothing items. These include hoodies, t-shirts and running vests.

    The items are usually kept in stock and can be ordered direct from the kit manager at any time of the year depending on stock availablility.  Unfortunately there is no guarantee that all sizes and items are available at all times, but there is usually a good stock of each item. From time to time we also have branded swim caps, wooly hats and cycling gloves.
  2. Orca Tri Suits and Cycling Kit

    These items are more costly and require to be made to order and are only available typically once or twice a year due to long lead times for manufacturing.  These have to be ordered directly through the Orca shop which has to be opened for specific time periods to allow members to place their orders.  There are minimum order quantities and as such the order has to go through all at once with everyone’s items. We will let members know when the Orca shop is open.

    When the Orca shop is open it can be accessed here