Find out more about the Tri Inverness coaches

Find out more about the Tri Inverness coaches

The club has a large coaching team including Susan, Calea, Kirsty, Thomas, Ewan, Asta, Douglas, Jenny, James, Neil, Andrea, Lewis, Malky, Nicole and Duncan.

Below you can see the profiles of a few of them.


Coach Fletch  

Triathlon Bio  - A former GB Age Group Triathlete who’s been competing in triathlons since 2002. Joined Triathlon Inverness in 2013 after moving to the Highlands and been coaching at the club ever since.  

Favorite race/event and why:  I love any triathlon with a beach start - you can’t beat it for carnage level!  If I had to pick my favourite it would be Ironman Wales - total challenge from start to finish with a great atmosphere all the way round the course! 

Favorite discipline and why:  Swim - I’ve swum since I was 7 so I will always be a water baby. Shame it’s the shortest part of any race. I just love being in or on the open water. It’s where I’m happiest and feel most freedom from sport! 

Favourite post race food: Pizza all the way - meat feast to be specific!  

Interesting or fun fact about myself: I hold a Guinness World record for Paddleboarding Loch Ness 

Why I love coaching: Having had a lot of great experiences and met lots of fantastic people through triathlon coaching for me is an opportunity to pay it forward. Pass that positive experience on and help others achieve their goals, big or small, in the sport.  

I’ll never forget the enthusiasm of my old swim coach and the confidence she gave me in the water. With Triathlon Inverness I enjoy working with the improvers lane the most. It's like detective work. Spot something, work on it and seek out those gradual incremental technique improvements.  It’s hugely rewarding to see that confidence, technique and fitness build in the water over time!  

Favourite TriathleteNo question. Without a shadow of a doubt Chrissie Wellington. A totally inspirational triathlete on every level! 


Coach Jenny  

Fave race- Ironman Austria, incredible route & atmosphere. 

Fave discipline:  all of them, it’s great to swap about depending on who you’re with, the weather & your energy levels! 

Fave post race food :  coffee! 

Why I love coaching:  it’s so good to watch others make progress, enjoy taking part & gaining more confidence. I’ve also made a whole lot of new friends.

A great article about Coach Jenny and the role of woman coaches in sport can be found here


Coach Andrea  

Favourite race/event: Traighathlon in Mallaig in 2021. The weather was stunning, warm and calm. It felt like being on a tropical beach and I might have been slightly distracted during all 3 parts of the race as the scenery was just beautiful.

Favourite post race food: cake (in any flavour or shape...)

Why I love coaching: it's great being able to give something back to the club and help people achieve new/different things. I love seeing them develop and have fun. I am relatively new to triathlon myself and like helping others discover the sport and all it has to offer.