Club Committee

Club Committee

The smooth running of Triathlon Inverness is overseen by a committee of volunteers from the Club. We are always on the look out for new committee members.

The following profiles will give you a feel for committee members,  what they do and why they got involved. 


Duncan Chisholm

Role: chair


I find it difficult to pick my favourite triathlon discipline. Initially I liked running, then swimming, and at moment cycling. I guess what I am doing the most of is my favourite one, because I am getting better at it. 

I became the club chair in 2021.

I first got involved with triathlon because I got tired of type of fitness I was doing at the time was inspired to change my body shape by a TV programme. It talked about the fact that you can influence your body shape by the type of sport you do. And triathletes have a great shape and no muscles for no reason. 

The best thing about Triathlon Inverness is definitely the social side. 


Mark Georgeson 

Role: coach coordinator


Best thing about triathlon: I love the variety of sports and the like minded people you meet who are up for taking on fun/crazy challenges mainly in the great outdoors 

Best thing about Triathlon Inverness: The culture of the club that encourages anyone and everyone to get involved and have fun.


Andrea McColl 

Role: general committee member, weekly Friday club news emails, part of the Nairn Triathlon organising team.

I like the variety of triathlon - cross-training is inbuilt and you can adapt your training to suit the weather or commitments.

I joined the club in 2018 and the committee in 2021.

I enjoy the social side of the club and it has been great getting coaching that helped me get comfortable with front crawl.

Favourite race/event: Traighathlon in Mallaig in 2021. The weather was stunning, warm and calm. It felt like being on a tropical beach and I might have been slightly distracted during all 3 parts of the race as the scenery was beautiful.

Favourite post race food: cake (in any flavour or shape...)

Why I love coaching: it's great being able to give something back to the club and help people achieve new/different things. I love seeing them develop and have fun. I am quite new to triathlon myself and like helping others discover the sport and all it has to offer


Eilidh Scott:

Role: regular member

When did I join Triathlon Inverness and why? I joined the club at the end of 2020, mainly to improve my running but also to meet likeminded active folk.

Why did I join the club committee? Like much of the sporting events I enjoy taking part in, the club functions by way of volunteers and I wish to contribute to that and ‘give back’.

What do I like best about triathlon? DISCLAIMER - I haven’t yet taken part in a competitive triathlon but I very much hope to change this in 2023. Despite this, the club is super encouraging in any and all single or dual pursuits.

Favourite Tri discipline? This is easy - running. Probably because it’s the discipline I feel most comfortable with. Last year I was working on cycling and took part in the Etape Loch Ness, this was definitely the most enjoyable event I’ve taken part in so far. Now to improve on the swimming front. 


Nicole Murray

Role: General committee member/ social media team

The best thing about triathlon is that it is for everyone. No matter what position you come in or how fast you are it is about challenging yourself and pushing a little bit harder than you did the time before. It is the most welcoming and friendly sport where everyone is super supportive of each other. 

The best thing about Triathlon Inverness is that the club offers a great opportunity to make friends and it brings together a wonderful group of people to train and socialise that probably wouldn't mix otherwise. Joining the club is a great opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills.

Calea Souter

Role: General committee member/ social media team

The best thing about triathlon is that it grows you, it facilitates personal growth. The sport encourages and inspires you to set new goals and work towards them. It pushes you to overcome challenges that are not just physical in nature.

The best thing about Triathlon Inverness is that it has a great social element to it. This is one of my favourite parts of triathlon. The social side of the sport is what makes it more of a lifestyle. Our club environment allows friendships to be formed. You have three sports to get stuck into and the opportunity to spend time and train with different runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. It's not just a club, it's a community. I have met some of the best people through this club. Life is about enjoying special experiences - and Triathlon Inverness gives you plenty of these.


Archie Prentice

Role: general committee member, looking after the club website


I came to the Club from a jogging background. I am perhaps the only Club member to have run around and played football with a family of cheetahs - yes that's true! The Club has helped me to develop my swimming and cycling.

The best thing about Triathlon Inverness for me is the interaction with other members. This has given me the confidence to sign up for events that I would never have dreamed about entering, before I joined the club.

Alan Lowe:

Role: social convenor

When and Why did I join the club - I only started my fitness journey when I saw the photo's from my 40th Birthday! I joined a gym and started off with a 5K, 10k, Half marathon and Marathon to raise money for Charity as my Father-in-law had cancer. Having done this I started to cycle and completed the Inverness Etape to further challenge myself. After this I started open water swimming with the aim of completing the Monster Swim for charity again. Having conquered all 3 individually I thought the next logical step was to join them all together ! The best advice I got when moving into the Multi-sport discipline was to join a club to get specific coaching and training for Triathlons ! Hence I went along to a Triathlon Inverness swimming session and I never looked back!

What do I like best about Triathlon - Definitely the friendships I have made with so many like minded people along my journey. Its also great to be able to train every day as you can do different disciplines on alternate days and never get injured. I have also got to see so many different places when I have entered Triathlons all over Scotland!

My favourite discipline in Triathlon has to be running as it has such a positive impact on my physical and mental wellbeing! I love going to new places with my best buddy Nicola (wife) so we can explore the countryside and finish up with a "fine piece"at the end!

Why did I join the committee - Definitely so I could put something back into the club. Our club would not exist if it wasn't for all the great coaches and committee members who give up their own time so generously and of course grow our membership because of the fantastic experience that everyone enjoys!