Spond FAQs

Spond FAQs

These should cover the most common questions with our use of Spond, but do check out the Spond Help Centre too.

How can I join the Spond group?

You should have received an email invite. If not, please contact a committee member.

Do I have to use the app? 

No, you don't have to use the app - it works well in a browser on your computer too - more explained here.

If you prefer to do that, you can login at https://spond.com/client/

Why do we have to change?

These are our main goals with using Spond: 

  • We wanted everyone to find all events (training, races etc.) in one place. Recently it has been spread across Facebook, ClubSpark, the activities spreadsheet, email etc. This was hard to manage.
  • An increasing number of members (> 30%)  don’t want to use Facebook, so they’ve been missing out on some activities. 
  • Easier to use for both members and admins. Spond is just about organising events, rather than trying to do a bit of everything like Facebook.
  • Coaches and run/ride leaders can see attendees (and their ICE details) for events that they are hosting.
  • We can get reports on who’s done what/which sessions are most popular.

What’s happened to Facebook events/the activities spreadsheet/ClubSpark list of events? 

All of these have been retired, but you can still get to them for a bit of history. Details from any upcoming events have been transferred to Spond.

How do I create an event in Spond? 

First, you need to be a run/ride leader. If not, contact a committee member.

Regular Club Activities 

You’ll find that all of our regular activities (trail runs, rides etc.) are already set up with a template. So, for example, to lead a Sunday Ride:

  1. Select the event in the list e.g. Sunday Ride, 13th November
  2. An event hasn’t been taken by anyone if it has “Host: TWTC Committee” and route details etc. are all TBC.
  3. Click Edit > Edit only this occurrence
  4. Fill in the blanks e.g. 
    Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/23292546 
    What3words: https://w3w.co/nail.during.sleep 
    Cafe: Frankie’s Farm Shop 
  5. Add yourself in the Hosts field.
  6. Save

That’s all you have to do. Invitations get sent out automatically and the event will appear in everyone’s feeds.

Ad-hoc Events

In the Spond group, click Event and follow the instructions.  

I don’t go swimming - how do I stop getting invited to these sessions?

You can easily manage your notifications.

Can I sync events to my calendar?

You certainly can.

Why is there no “maybe” option? 

Here's why

What about my club membership fees?

They will still be paid via ClubSpark (for now). Your direct debits etc. remain as before. We’re just using Spond for activities.