Love Admin

Love Admin

Loveadmin is our booking platform used.

Annual Membership- Once you’ve logged in, you will see two options; subscriptions and sessions. Click:

Subscriptions  ->  Annual Membership Fee  -> Add to basket.

Monthly Memberships- If you decide you wish to become a monthly direct debit member (as many sessions as you like covered by this, the only “additional” cost is that to cover super Sunday sessions), this is found in the same place.

You will only need to add to basket once, as in the process of paying, you set up the direct debit.

Booking  On To Sessions- To book onto sessions, it is exactly the same for PAYG and monthly members. Log in to love admin, then click on sessions. Find the correct sessions you wish to attend for that week (you can add as many to your basket as you like), and add them to basket. You will need to select which date and who is attending in order to add to your basket. Click on the basket icon and proceed to checkout.

If you are a monthly direct debit member, you can simply click through this and the cost will not be charged to you. If you are a PAYG member, love admin will ask to save a card and then will charge you for the sessions you book on to.


If you have any problems or questions about love admin, that are not covered above, Neil Willis will be more than happy to help.