Head Coach: Claudette Joint. L2





 Coach: Chris Pugh. L2

I have been involved with triathlon for years. As a coach with BTC I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that I provide quality training to all our members through progressive session planning for all abilities. My philosophy to training is that we need to challenge the individual, but we always make the sessions enjoyable and open to everyone. I am a distinctly average athlete but love training and helping others improve through coaching.  My two-top tips to athletes are ‘Consistency is king’ and ‘Training + Good sleep (recovery) = Improvement’.  Sporting Qualifications: BTF Level 1 & Level 2, BTF Head Coach CPD, BTF Open Water CPD, BTF Strength & Conditioning CPD, BTF Static Bike Course CPD. 




 Coach: Gerry Hyde. L3





  Coach: David Foster. L2












 Coach: Mark Ageloni. L1






 Coach: Natalie Eastaugh. L1







 Coach: Annthea Fryer. L1







 Coach: Rob Spashett L1







 Run.Ride Leader: Sophie Davies







 Ride Leader: Ove Andresesn