Head Coach: Claudette Joint. L2 Diploma

I have been involved in triathlon since 2017 when I did my first sprint triathlon on a borrowed bicycle.  I have since done several sprint triathlons and a few middle-distance triathlons. I love the challenge of the three disciplines and how each of the disciplines differs in their physical and technical needs. I love the mental challenge of the events, although I frequently must overcome ‘race-day’ jitters! Mostly I revel in the training, and the social aspect of belonging to a club and think of it all as my ‘play’ time. I love introducing athletes to triathlon, and working with athletes of all abilities and I strive to share my experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm so that you can be the best you want to be. Coaching Qualifications: Level 1; Level 2 Diploma; Coaching Children and Young People in Triathlon; Session Planning being creative around the fundamentals;  The Caring Coach making connections with athletes; Running form teasing out the fact from fiction; Emergency First Aid at Work; NRASTC; DBS Enhanced Certified.


Coach: Chris Pugh. L2

I have been involved with triathlon for years. As a coach with BTC I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that I provide quality training to all our members through progressive session planning for all abilities. My philosophy to training is that we need to challenge the individual, but we always make the sessions enjoyable and open to everyone. I am a distinctly average athlete but love training and helping others improve through coaching.  My two-top tips to athletes are ‘Consistency is king’ and ‘Training + Good sleep (recovery) = Improvement’.  Sporting Qualifications: BTF Level 1 & Level 2, BTF Head Coach CPD, BTF Open Water CPD, BTF Strength & Conditioning CPD, BTF Static Bike Course CPD, DBS Enhanced certified.


Coach: David Foster. L2

I did my first triathlon over 10 years ago after retiring from other sports. I love the enjoyment of training for three different events whilst maintaining the balance between them. After years of coaching junior cricket, I found that I missed helping athletes with the technical elements of their sport, so coaching was an obvious next step. I try to combine the best elements of the coaches I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by, i.e. being enthusiastic, giving important technical feedback, and offering motivation. With an academic background in psychology, I also find the mental elements of competition and training really interesting. My coaching qualifications include Level 2 Triathlon coach, L2 Open Water coach, BTF Strength and Conditioning, and an MSc. in Sport and Exercise Psychology, DBS Enhanced certified.


Coach: Rob Spashett L2

I joined the club in 2014 and benefitted from years of coaching from the club which saw me complete several sprint, Olympic, Half, and full-distance triathlons. An injury sidelined me so I decided to complete my level 1 coaching qualification as a way of giving something back to the club and being able to help some of the newer members develop their abilities to be able to achieve their triathlon goals. I realised I enjoyed coaching and being able to help fellow club members develop so I decided to take on my level 2 coaching qualification. I can't wait to get back to competing but will continue to coach for the club and help my fellow clubmates develop to reach their goals. Sporting qualifications include Level 2 Triathlon coach, NRASTC Water rescue certificate, DBS Enhanced certification.


Coach: Marijke De Groot. L1 







Coach: Wendi Carrington. L1 

I have been involved in triathlon since 2017/18 and did my first triathlon Holkham half in 2018 and survived. I have tried many sports but really enjoy the challenge of long-distance Triathlon.

This requires many hours of training which would be impossible if not for all the friendly camaraderie that triathlon brings together with the help advice and encouragement from all our fantastic coaches and fellow beavers.

Over the last few years, I have managed to improve my swimming ability and go on to participate in a few full distance events, not to mention many other swim bikes and run adventures.

I really enjoy being part of this fantastic club and enjoy helping and encouraging others to achieve their dreams and goals or just help on their triathlon journey be it running cycling or swimming.

Qualifications.  Leval 1 British Triathlon coach, RLSS OW Lifeguard, STA Swim Teacher, both level 2 & certificate.  BASI Ski instructor.







Run/Ride Leader: Sophie Davies








 Ride Leader: Ove Andreseson







Junior Coach: Henry Gould 

I have been a cycling coach since 2018. Although I have always enjoyed cycling, I started to take it more seriously in 2014. I started competing in time trials in 2016 and won several local awards most recently in 2021. I started coaching for BTC in 2022 and have loved watching the junior section of the club grow and how many grown ups have come along for the ride! I joined the club last year and have enjoyed getting to grips with swimming and running and look forward to taking part in my first triathlon this year, who knows where it might take me! I really enjoy sharing my passion for cycling with other people and hopefully they get something out of it along the way! I am a level 2 certified British Cycling coach and have completed a bolt on for coaching on rollers.