BTC MiniTri Events

BTC MiniTri Events

Belvoir tri club run regular British Triathlon events which include Aquathalons and Triathlons of various distances for adults and teens wishing to try Triathlon for the first time. These events take place off road at The Meres leisure centre in Grantham, in a safe and controlled manner.


2024 MiniTri events

The schedule for the 2024 MiniTri season is now confirmed and events now open for entry.


Belvoir Tri Club MiniTri #1 - 27th April

Belvoir Tri Club MiniTri #2 - 25th May

Belvoir Tri Club MiniTri #3 - 20th July


The event originally planned for 22nd June unfortunately clashes with an Atheletics meeting - so the venue has now informed us that the track is no longer available to us. Rather than just cancelling this - we're working on an alternative format, which we hope to confirm shortly - and open for entry ASAP.


This year each event will have separate results - and we're not planning to run a series ranking or overal results - sorry for anyone who's disappointed by this change & we hope you'll still be keen to enter as many events as possible...


2023 Season



GO TRI #1 Belvoir Tri Club 2023 - Saturday 29 April 2023

GO TRI #2 Belvoir Tri Club 2023 - Saturday 20 May 2023

GO TRI #3 Belvoir Tri Club 2023 - Saturday 17 June 2023

GO TRI #4 Belvoir Tri Club 2023 - Saturday 08 July 2023


2023 GOTri Athlete Series

Each race entered will award you a number of points based on your finishing position within your age group, 1000 points to the 1st place, 999 to the 2nd place and so on. Your best THREE results from the series of FOUR will count towards a total which will see each Age Group awarded a Series Winner. The series winner will get a special series age group winners medal to add to their individual race medals; along with the top three places in each age group getting a small prize. The results will be announced shortly after the final athletes have crossed the finish line on July 8th.

The current rankings can be found here

The championship results can be found here



GO TRI #1 Belvoir Tri Club 2023 - Saturday 29 April 2023

GO TRI #2 Belvoir Tri Club 2023 - Saturday 20 May 2023

GO TRI #3 Belvoir Tri Club 2023 - Saturday 17 June 2023

GO TRI #4 Belvoir Tri Club 2023 - Saturday 08 July 2023


For Gotri queries and questions please email the team at