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Morley Triathlon Club achieves TriMark Bronze

We are proud to announce that Morley Triathlon Club has achieved TriMark Bronze, and this was all down to the hard work from our amazing club secretary, Jeannette.

What is TriMark Bronze?

Morley Triathlon Club is recognised as a safe, rewarding, and inclusive place for anyone wanting to participate in the sport of triathlon.

Morley Triathlon Club has reached a recognised level of accreditation that reassures all participants that the club is well managed, has adopted and follows all of British Triathlon’s procedures, policies, and guidelines.

Morley Triathlon Club has met a set of criteria in the following areas to become accredited:

  • Club management
  • Safeguarding
  • Training and coaching 
  • Community representation

All the details can be found on the British Triathlon Website

British Triathlon Club Standards and Accreditation