Members view from Felix Amdor

I have been training at Tri-Force Juniors for about a year. It’s a great club and across all the age groups, it is really friendly.  Training takes place on a Saturday afternoon and is always fun. We usually split our sessions between run/swim or bike/transition/swim disciplines, but occasionally we’ll have dedicated run sessions in the park, or a bike session at an outdoor Velodrome - which is the best! I particularly enjoy that, as the bike element is one which I have the least opportunity to practise away from the club.

Everyone is supportive. The coaches always try to help you enjoy the sport firstly, to develop skills and to achieve your best, whether in races or in training. One of my coaches, Jordan, was also recently recognised at Triathlon England regional awards as East’s Young Volunteer of the Year (Young volunteer recognised for commitment to helping others – British Triathlon).

As part of our weekly sessions, the club organises training races in both triathlon and aquathlon and holds an official, annual triathlon, which usually makes up part of the East Region Junior Triathlon Series. The practises are just for club members and are really great fun - from time to time, the coaches encourage me to ‘step up’ to the next age distance (but only if I am comfortable with it) – and it’s ideal for building confidence for next year. Then we have the official triathlon a couple of weeks later and this year we had a whole new run course. It was really hot but there were plenty of water stations and sponges dotted around the course which helped a lot, and a tent at the finishing line to recover under – which was definitely required!

Overall, being a member of Tri-Force Juniors has been excellent an experience. I found the support of competing alongside team mates made a massive difference to competing on my own, particularly at open water events - which I was very anxious about. The support of the coaching team and the friendships I have made within the club, have definitely helped me to secure a place representing the East Region at the IRC this year.